Heathers and M6891

Hello lovely readers! Welcome to the my very first blog post here at heymilkyway! The goal of this blog is to share my crafting journey with you and the many projects I create. I hope to inspire and learn with you all. I'll cover everything from sewing, to vinyl, to general crafting!

So...drumroll for my first project...

McCall's M689! 
I found this pattern through the McCall's Facebook group. Side note: If you enjoy sewing, need advice, or want to get inspired I definitely recommend that group. The ladies and men there are so supportive and helpful, and man are they creative!! Go check it out :)

So some background information on my pattern selection. This past Saturday I auditioned for a local production of Heathers, the Musical (my favorite musical by far!). I needed to ace the audition, because my dream role is to play Heather Chandler. So,of course, I needed an outfit that screamed Heathers. If you're not familiar with Heathers , the Musical, it is based off the 80s cult classic Heathers. The fashion is very colorful and full of collars, so when I saw M6891 I knew this was the one.

The hard part was the fabric selection. Sometimes you walk into a fabric store and instantly find the perfect fabric. Other times you spend 1.5 hours and settle on a fabric because you have less than a week to finish your creation.... This trip was definitely the second. The fabric below is what I ended up choosing. It is technically a "kids apparel" fabric, but hey who needs labels right? I wasn't thrilled with it, but it was the best "Heathers" fabric I could find on short notice, so it worked.

  So let the project begin! This fun dress is brought to you by the wonderful show Gilmore Girls. This is probably my 4th re-watch of the season. I always love to have some kind of show in the background while I work. What is your go to sewing background music/show/audio book/podcast/etc.?

Progress picture! 

So I forgot to take more progress pictures (next time, I promise!), but I just got frustrated with the collar. I'm not sure what got me with the collar, but I just am not the biggest fan of how it turned out. Next time I make the dress, I plan to use a more shirt-like fabric. I also plan to do more custom adjustments. I ended up adding a lining to my fabric that was very linen like (since the colorful fabric was very thin). 

So here is the final product! It's not my best work by far, but I still made it so I am proud! As a finishing touch, I paired it with some converse-esque sneakers to make it more casual (like Heathers).

So there you go! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I already have two more ideas for posts (one Silhouette related, and one as a general crafting!), so stay tuned!

As for my audition, I had compliments on my dress from all the staff that was there. And of course theater directors are happy to hear that someone can sew (hello, costumes!). I'm still waiting to hear back on if I got cast in the show. I am anxious though (it is my dream show after all!), so fingers crossed (preferably for a role as a Heather ;)

See you next time!